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    WHAT ARE THE REAL MIN REQUIREMENETS (will PE7 work on a lapto

      WHAT ARE THE REAL MIN REQUIREMENETS (will PE7 work on a lapto??)
      I am not a novice in video editing having happily used Premier Pro for years. I bought new AVCHD camera HF10 and had to upgrade to PE7 as it seemed to be the only software that worked or so it seemed....

      PE7 major problems

      1. Playback (for editing) in PE7 is so jumpy its impossible to edit.
      2. Rendering 20 mins to render 2 mins into SVCD and 5 hours to render it to AVI. This is unacceptable
      3. A rendered file especially AVI is still jumpy. How can i then use this AVI file as a new master?
      4. Rendered DVD quality file the slow motion is so jumpy that its useless.
      5. There is no assistance explaining in the help-the different types of rendered files (DVD, SVCD, H.264, MPG1,MPG2,AVI and why some of these are locked)
      (hoping these are all computer slowness problems)

      dell XPS M1210 intel core 2 CPU T7200 @2.00GHz
      Ram 3GB
      Vista 32 bit OS SP1.
      HD 160 GB and ext 320GB with plenty of space.
      NVIDDIA GeForce Go 7400 display adaptor

      IS it best to store the captured files on the ext hard drive and PE7 proejct file on the C drive? (this worked well with Pre Pro)