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    upload flv to website - how to view

      i should be sleeping but i'm hooked on this program!!! i tried uploading a video to my website. now i need to know WHAT to do with it...when i go to my uploaded files and try to view the .flv file it wants to know what program to use to view it... i can view flash files on other websites but not mine. is this a difference between .flv and .swf? i used to know some things about flash but have fogotten much...like i said, i should be asleep right now.

      i haven't tried embedding the .flv file into a webpage yet; so far i'm just trying to open it in my file manager on the web directory on the server.

      also...does premiere 4 keep a version of the .flv on my computer or does it just create it and send it to my website? otherwise i might try opening it locally and see what happens. when i view flash on other websites am i using a player on my computer or does the website provide the player?

      thanks for any answers!!!

      it's 3:30 am - good grief!
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If you use an FLV file on your web site, you also need to embed an FLV player into the site or most people will not be able to view it. (Sites like YouTube, for instance, use FLVs and have the player built into the site.)

          Ron, the webmaster at our 'sister' site Muvipix.com, is an expert on this type of web work. You can find him pretty much any time on the forum there at http://muvipix.com/phpBB3//