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    Help - software overload

    Sarahn51 Level 1

      I just got two new computers one laptop and one desk top, a new cannon HD video camera and have two epson printers and a digital camera.

      I use both photoshop and premiere elements 7 to make my videos and pictures.

      It seems like I have editing software for every device I have. Kodack Easy Share, Arc software Photo Impressions 6, cyberlink stuff, Image Mixer 3 Se ver 3 and who knows what else not to mention my adobe software.

      what do I keep and what do I delete? Somehow I don't think I need all of this?

      thanks Sarah
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would keep it all - at least for now.

          I use an auto mechanic, as an analogy for editing video and stills. If you look at their toolbox, you'll see many, many different tools. Yes, one might be able to get by with a single multi-bit screwdriver and and a Crescent Wrench for a while, but when you do more work, you'll need the proper tools to do those jobs.

          In the world on NLE's, I've got probably a half-dozen, though I use P-Pro for 95% of my work. I've also got PE4, and some would argue that with Pro, I don't need PE. Still, it does some things better, especially when it comes to handling non-DV AVI files. I also have 4-5 file converters, but PE handles their output better than Pro in certain cases. I'll Import the file into PE, drag to the Timeline and Export it. Pro loves the Exported file and works perfectly with it.

          There are also times/files, that I use Cyber-link's Power-Director, just because it works with other material better. Same drill: Import, get to Timeline, Export and then Import to Pro for editing. Same for Windows Movie Maker and Magix and Ulead. Sometimes one needs that offset "crow's foot" 1/2" socket attachment with an extension to reach that one bolt down under the exhaust header - nothing else will work on that one bolt.

          Now, if one only works with one file-type from one camera, and one NLE does everything they need, in time they can probably get rid of the extra tools. Still, someday, someone will hand off material from a different camera. All of a sudden, those other programs *might* come in handy.

          Same with my image editors. I use PS for 70% of the work, and Painter for about 20%. The rest is handled in all sorts of other image editing programs.

          Same with Audio editors. Audition for most, but a handful of others, including standalone encoders for DTS and THX.

          Burning DVD's is exactly the same. I can burn with Encore, which gets the vast majority of my authoring work, but have another half-dozen authoring/burning programs, just in case.

          Luckily, I have a lot of HDD space and am always adding more.

          Does one need all of the programs, that I have installed? I highly doubt it. Heck, I use some once per year and have to actually go and search my Desktop to find it. Then, I'll often have to re-visit the F1 files, just to remember how the danged thing works! When I need it, however, I need it to get the job done properly. My case IS over the top. A few extra pieces of software, provided that they do not conflict with each other, can be a real Project saver. It's like all of the Transitions that I have and can create with various pieces of software. I use Cross-dissolve and Dip-to-Black for 99% of my Transitions. Still, there are times that I need just one really neat Transition to get the job done right.

          I'd urge you to keep these for awhile. Continue to experiment with each, when you have the time. Work primarily in your favorite and learn it as completely, as is possible, but be ready to bring in any of the rest, when your workflow dictates. You might be surprised at how often you reach for some simple little program, like Windows Movie Maker, just because it handles some file type better, and will quickly let you get it ready for Import into your main NLE.

          Good luck,