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    Elements 7 Widescreen import from DVD Camcorder is Full Screen

      Good day, all!

      After two hours of sifting through help, forums, etc. I've yet to find a solid answer to what I'd think would be a simple / common problem. I am evaluating Elements 7 for purchase & this is the crucial element, so I'm posting.

      I have a Panasonic VDR-D300 camera. I shoot most of my video in 16:9 widescreen. PE7 easily imports the video into a project set up for just this (Widescreen 48kHz preset for Hard Disc Camcorder) but it's coming up as full screen with vertical black bars at left & right.

      So, the question is: How do I best import this video in order to preserve the widescreen aspect ratio?

      Your assistance is greatly appreciated.