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    Eliminating  an Irregular "Clicking" Noise on Audio Timeline

      The click noise can be seen on the audio timeline. I've attempted to use the denoiser but nothing has changed. It's not clear how to adjust/eliminate certain noises with this feature. Any suggestions? - thanks
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          A.T. Romano Level 7
          I suggest that you check out the free program Audacity for the job.

          Have you checked out the free program Audacity for noise removal from your audio? There are a lot of online links for this on YouTube and elsewhere. Example:
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Besides the freeware Audio editor, Audacity, that AT recommended, There are several other commercial Audio programs, that have some great presets for similar problems:

            Adobe Audition (full-blown, albeit expensive) Audio processing application. It has many levels of "click/pop" elimination processes. It also has a wonderful Transient elimination Effect. I could not live without this. It, alone, is worth the $ to me.

            Magix Audio Cleaner (much less expensive, and somewhat limited) has many quick click/pop elimination tools. Easier to use, than Audition, but no where near as powerful. However, for this use, it's very effective. Their Music Studio has many more features, but I still rely on this little application, especially for vinyl LP's to digital. It is clean, quick and efficient, though with far fewer controls.

            If Audacity does not do it for you, I'd recommend doing a download of Magix Audio Cleaner and giving it a try. Do not recall how much I paid, as it was some years ago, but it has paid off many times over.

            Good luck,

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              Level 1
              or ..if these click noise are just appearing at the portion of audio that doesnt have anything else, you may think of cutting off these specific portions. The same way as you would trim out the unnecessary part of your video clips.