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    Low Sound

      I have Elements 3.0
      I have just completed a project and would like to add a couple of narration clips. I have managed to record them but there is no volume and so can only just be heard. Can anybody help
      Thank you
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Is this sound problem for the entire video or only for the narration?

          If only for the narration, you should set the audio gain so that, as you record, you can see the green VU meter on the left side of the narration panel showing strong input. (Lots of green but no red.) If, after turning it all the way up, you still can't get enough audio input, you may need a better microphone or audio card.

          In any event, you should open the Audio Mixer (under the Window drop-down menu) and raise or lower the volume levels for your video so that the audio levels are consistent, full and yet not overly modulated.

          I've got lots more details in my "Muvipix.com Guide to Premiere Elements 7", available at Amazon.com and through the Muvipix products page at:
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            Go into the control panel and check the microphone setting. There should be a "boost" setting that will pump up the gain. Also, on my PC I have microphone jacks on the front and back of the PC. If I try to use the jack in front I get very low poor quality, if I use the jack in back it's much better.