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    Premiere Elements 7 error message

      I recently installed PSE 7 and PE 7 on my PC. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium, I have plenty of space and it meets all the requirements of the installation.

      I can get Photoshop Elements 7 to work just fine. It does what it is supposed to do.
      However, Premiere Elements 7 is not working properly. I am continualy getting an error message telling me that a "serious error has occurred and PE7 must be shut down. We will attempt to save your project."

      I have no current projects because I keep getting this at the beginning...the moment I click on New Project.

      I have run all of the fix possibilities in the Adobe website. So far, to no avail.
      I have uninstalled and reinstalled PE7.

      Suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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          Please delete prefrence file and move the Default catalog location. Then try to launch Premiere elements . Please let me know if it is not working.
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            >I have run all of the fix possibilities in the Adobe website. So far, to no avail.

            This doesn't give us much to work with, Cara, because it doesn't tell us what you've done.

            Have you updated your firmware, Realtek drivers and especially installed the latest Quicktime?

            Have you optimized Vista, per the FAQs at the top of this forum?

            Have you run our full maintenance in order to update your operating system to SP1 and clear off temp files?

            And, finally, what are you using for source files for your project? What is the video type, what type of camcorder did it come from and how did you get it into your computer?
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              Steve...thank you.
              The suggestions you provided worked beautifully, and I am now enjoying my PRE 7. You are a life saver.

              Have a great day.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Hey, I'm a life saver!

                Glad it's working, Cara! :)
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                  When I copy and paste your links I get redirected to  a general forum page.

                  I even searched by 3bc43f9a and get a too many hits.


                  My problem is that I have Premiere Element 7 installed an working fine.

                  Yesterday my electricity went off when I had a project open.  (not sure if this has anything to do with it)

                  Now when I try to open Premiere it loads, and then minimizes at the bottom of screen and I cannot maximize it.


                  I have tried to repair, and uninstall and reinstall.

                  Same thing

                  WHere is the preference file and catalog files for Premiere?


                  I am not running VISTA, but XP.


                  Thanks for any help

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                    Paul_LS Level 4

                    Try starting Premiere Elements while holding down the LEFT Shift and Ctrl keys, this will flush the cache and preferences. Ctrl shift will clear the preferences but not the plugins cache which is in the registry. To clear the plugins cache press and hold shift while starting premiere elements.
                    Other thing to try with PE7 is to delete your prefences folder in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0 (delete the complete Premiere Elements folder) it will be rebuilt next time you start PE7. Note it might be a hidden file on your PC and so you need to go to into Tools>Folder Options>View and select Show hidden files and folders. Note that this folder also contains all your custom preset settings for projects, effects, and transition so these will be deleted as well.

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                      I attempted to delete the preference file but one does not exist. The pathway you mentioned in another answer here isn't how mine is set up either.  I've used Premiere Elements for years as I've had the very first version.  I am currently using PRE7 and have used it fine in the past but for some reason it no longer will load my projects.  I even deleted the entire installation and re-installed it.  I bought a new laptop and have installed it on there as well which as Windows 7 and still get the error message.  In the mean time my old laptop has now died so I'm stuck.  Please help.

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        Did you follow the instruction in Reply 6 to make hidden files visible? It's very odd that you are getting the same problem on two different systems. Had you recently installed some new software on the laptop and also installed to the new W7 machine? Did you try and open these projects in a version other than PRE7 (that can cause serious problems)?


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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Welcome to the forum.


                          Uninstallation and reinstallation will not touch your Preferences file, nor your Project files. Those are left behind and will be used when you reinstall the program.


                          If you cannot find your Preferences file, then do follow Neale's suggestion for turning ON the view of System and Hidden files, and also turn ON the display of all file extensions. Then, you will likely see your Preferences file. By default, Windows installs with those two displays OFF.


                          Good luck,