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    Project editing presets

    SiriNeosBoss Level 1
      I need editing presets for my Canon G7 videos:
      - Frame size: 640x480
      - Pixel aspect ratio: 1,1
      - Frame rate: 30fps
      - Field type: Progressive

      For my HV30 Canon camera I use the Adobe presets for Canon progressive cameras (plugin unloaded from Adobe).

      Anybody knows if exists a plugin with these editing presets? Where?

      With the standard editing presets there is no way to change nor the editing frame size to 640x480, nor the pixel aspect ratio, nor setting the field type to progressive, ...

      Does anyone know how to create an own editing preset file? Is the a guide for building an "editing presets" xml file, explaining the meaning and the different values for the different?

      Thanks in advanced
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Those settings are not available in Premiere Elements, Siri.

          In addition to non-standard frame rates and frame sizes, video from still cameras also often use non-standard video codecs which can cause problems for Premiere Elements.

          It's much wiser to edit that footage in Windows MovieMaker -- or to use MovieMaker to convert it so that you can edit it in Premiere Elements, if you prefer, per the FAQs at the top of this forum.