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    Rendering AVCHD files to H.264 causes file size to go up!!

      Hi everyone,
      I have a Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder that produces files in AVCHD format (.mts file extension). The camera natively produces file which are approx 100mb for every 1 min of video (1440x1080 setting). My issues is that when I add files to the timeline and then render them in Premiere Elements 7 using the H.264 1440x1080i format (creates a M2T file) the file size actually doubles (1 min is now approx 200mb). I'm only bringing the files into PRE 7 so I can add transitions, but I cannot afford the disk space if the program will double each videos size.

      Is there a different setting I should be using to just do basic editing and not change the source quality? I know the camera adds significant compression to the file, but why would it grow in size when I render.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.