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    "undocumented" (maybe) feature in PRE7

      What are the "sequence in/out" markers and what are they used for? I ran across them when editing the other day. I only know what they are called by moving them and going to the history window and seeing what they are called. I cannot find them documented in any place, online documentation, the book that came with the program, or Steve's Moviepix book. They are located at the very top of the timeline and look like vertical lines with little "bumps" in the middle. When these in and out markers are separated, it is indicated with a gray bar with a handle in the middle, similar to the work area bar. I have found that if these markers are both positioned beyond the end of your clips in the timeline, and you select and delete (at least) the last clip, that you get an internal error (something to do with the monitor panel) whenever you attempt to preview the timeline (press space bar, for instance). Undoing the clip deletion and moving both these "sequence" markers back (at least) to the beginning of the time line will fix this internal error from happening when you delete (at least) the last clip and preview the timeline. This error was very frustrating (and caused me bitter disappointment in PRE7) until I discovered this "fix". Anybody else seen this or similar problem?