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    24f editing in Premiere Elements 4


      I would like to make a DVD from some event footage a friend shot for me. The problem is his camera was set to record in 24f, which I assume is 24p, and was shot in standard 4:3 definition as well. From what I have read, PE4 will not edit this footage in 24p, but I am confused by what this means.

      Would editing it in the frames only mode work, as the video should be progressive? Or could the DV footage be edited as if it were 29.97, then exported as a 23.976 MPEG?

      Just so I understand - what is the purpose of the 24p conversion option in the playback settings? Does this only work for displaying the video on the desktop, or does it perform some type of actual conversion of the video footage? Are conversions an option in the pro version only?