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    dual screen and audio mixer panel

      I am setting up a dual screen system. Works perfectly but for the audio mixer panel. Everytime I try a setup which involves this panel one way or the other, it ruins the configuration the next time I run that same setup.
      For instance: the bottom half of my left screen contains the Timeline.
      The top left (or top right) part has the Monitor, and in the remaining space I want to dock the Audio Mixer. All other panels (all of them docked as well) are in the right screen.
      This works fine, but if I exit the program and restart (with Workspace) in the same setup, the left screen window where all docked panels appear is downsized to the default size of the Audio Mixer.
      Another funny thing that sometimes occurs is that after the restart the Audio Mixer panel is blank (as were the panel enlarged to full screen size and your view is over a blank area), without the bars you would need to slide the mixers for the different tracks into view.

      No problem whatsoever occurs if I leave the Audio Mixer out.

      My idea is that this glitch has something to do with the (undocked) A.M. panel not re-opening in the size you closed it in, but stubbornly in a default size (which varies with the number of audiotracks). This behaviour seems typical for the Audio Mixer only.

      Sorry for this long story. Does anyone have an idea for a solution or a workaround? I have a brand new system, and have expressly checked that drivers (Realtek, ATI etc.) are up to date.
      Thanks for your input.
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          This looks like a sticky bug :) Yes.

          I tried a few stuff around, but couldnt get any easy workaround.
          Finally, i thought, i would keep the A.M. Panel floating :).

          I guess that this panel is doing some adjustments when reopening and there is some issue here.

          That said, I would like to ask as how do you use the second screen. Its a interesting setup that you are getting into. I would typically use the second screen to display my Monitor window only.
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            FGx Level 1
            True, keeping the A.Mixer afloat is an option...

            As for my screen setup: I can't find a way to tell PE on what monitor to play clips in Full Screen mode. It just pops up on the primary screen (the one the OS starts up from). Also, you seemingly cannot float the Tasks panel.

            I always want to have the Timeline (My Project) in view, so that goes (at full width and 2/3 of the height) to the bottom part of the other screen. Above that, not enough room is left for Tasks/Properties (the 2nd most important panel in my view).
            So I leave the Tasks panel as large as possible on the primary screen (at full height and 2/3 of the width). Wonderful for adjusting and finetuning keyframes. In the remaining space Info, History, Audio Meter and Events-panels all just fit.

            Finally in the remaining top third part of the secondary screen I put the Monitor (at a size approx. as large as it would be in a regular one-screen setup) and - at least that's what I intended - next to it the Audio Mixer.

            That way I either can see a smaller Monitor and all other panels together, or Full Screen combined with the TimeLine plus Audio Mixer.
            Quite a story again. Eventually, next to the two computer screens will come a third screen for play back: a TV, connected either through the TV-out port of my videocard (I still need to sort out if and how this works) or through the camcorder. That way, I will not need the Full Screen mode of PE.
            Regards, F