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    Premiere standard 7.0 vaio-Capturing from HDcamcorder

      Premiere standard 7.0 (preinstalled) for Vaio

      Does anyone know if this older version of Premiere would have any difficulties capturing from a new HD cam? As long as the i-link recognizes the cam it should work right?

      anyone can lend some insight before I replace my older Dv cam with and Hard disk cam...

      thanks all

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          I tried this recently in PE3 with a new sony HD HDD cam connected via firewire (i-link).
          No problem at all, could even control the cam from PE.
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            cool thanks.
            hopefully i will get a few more yesses..before i buy an HD cam.

            thanks again
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              On the other hand, early versions of the program can't work with HDV, so you may need to downsample your video to SD to edit it in versions 1 or 2.
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                the versions 1 or 2 you mentioned..are those for elements?

                i don't have elements in that vaio its standard premiere 7.0 that was pre-installled with 2003 xp media editon
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  If your version is not "Elements," then it is a much earlier version of Premiere. I do not recall the progression of version numbers, but think that from Premiere 6.5, it went to Pro 1. However, there were OEM versions of P6.5, that were labeled as Premiere 7. These were OEM versions only and not available to the general public.

                  I'd suggest that you post to:
                  as the people there will know the limitations of your exact version.

                  I've only had P-Pro, as of CS2, so do not know your version.

                  Good luck,

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                    Anyway, thats what it is labeled in the pc 7.0 standard it came with the VAIO R "type"
                    I currently live and work in japan and this was an "overseas" model.
                    its an excellent version, old or not and has been vital for my projects.
                    So I am just wondering if a new HD cam will have any capturing issues thats all, if it will then I can just use DV-tape.
                    My other choice is to buy the latest version of premiere and erase any doubts that it will capture fine, but dont know if I want to run a new version of premiere
                    and use it on an older XP....

                    what is OEM?

                    thanks for the feedback
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Over time, Adobe has offered variations on some of their products as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) installations. Usually, these programs' names differ from the normal version #'s and maybe even the full name. Going back some years, Adobe offered Photoshop LE and Photoshop Lite as "premiums" with devices, like scanners. Same for some pre-installed versions on computers (straight from the computer company, i.e. Dell, Sony, Toshiba, etc.), These version #'s and names can be confusing.

                      As I am confused on what program you have, and how it translates to the retail versions, how old is your computer? "Premiere 7" was about six (just a guess on my part) years ago, maybe more. Also, Adobe threw a monkey-wrench into the naming scheme, when they went from Premiere to Premiere Pro. Throw in OEM versions, and the numbers get horribly jumbled. Same for Premiere Elements, 1, 2, 3, 4 straight to 7. If you have Premiere Elements 7 (current), the next paragraph should tell you this.

                      Open your copy of Premiere, and go to the Help screen. Choose "About Adobe Premiere" (or similar) and tell us what it says, on that screen.

                      As features and file format handling change per version, that might help define what your version can, and cannot do.

                      Along the way, I'd try to Capture from your HD camera, via iLink, and see what happens. If you get any error messages, be sure to write down the entire message.

                      Also, it could well be that your Premiere will Capture perfectly, but you might not be able to control the device, i.e. your camera. You might have to start Capture and then manually hit your camera's Play button. Still, if you CAN Capture the material, you are good to go. Many/Most versions of Premiere Pro do not display HD Capture on a monitor, but do perfectly fine with the actual Capture. This *might* be the case with your version. Do not be alarmed, if you do not SEE the Capture taking place. Be patient, and then study the resulting file after Capture has completed.

                      Good luck,