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    PE7 - burned widescreen DVD played as "normalscreen"


      I recently started my "video career" by buying Premiere Elements 7 and a Sony Camera.

      The camera produces 720x576 widescreen mpgs, so I use the according PE7 widescreen template for editing. After resolving some big problems (they weren't big, but typically for beginers, I think: codecs, interlacing, file-formats) I thought everything is fine.

      But I was always working in front of my computer and dealing with mpg and wmv files. Then, I finally wanted to put my results onto DVD to see it on my TV and shared/burned the clips as "PAL DVD Widescreen".

      And the next problem was waiting for me: the widescreen format was lost. The DVD-Player on my TV (which never had widescreen problems with bought DVDs) crops some parts on the left and right side of the clip. The result is a 5:4 format (or 4:3?, don't know exactly...). It is not blurred or transformed, just croped.

      But there are no format options or something I could change when I share/burn it in PE7. What could I have done wrong?

      I'm using:

      Windows Vista SP1
      Premiere Elements 7
      Camera Sony DCR-SR35E

      Many thanks in advance,