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    PE2 -- Screen Shot?

      In my video, I have used 16 tracks to put 16 pictures on a mosaic to fill the screen. I like how it looks, and want to use the same view as the screen shot for my menu background. Is there a way to take a screen shot, or must I recreate the collection of photos in Photoshop or elsewhere?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          Though it might differ with the OS, Ctrl-PrtSC should capture the image on the screen to the Clipboard. I'd maximize my monitor to get the greatest amount of usable pixels. In Photoshop, I'd Ctrl-n (New) and choose the appropriate image size. For SD 4:3 NTSC, that would be my choice, and also choose with Guides. Once open, Ctrl-v, to Paste the Clipboard image. Ctrl-t (Transform) to adjust the size of the screencap.

          If your screencap has too much of the rest of the program GUI, or desktop, Ctrl-n, choose Clipboard for size and then Ctrl-v. In this image, Crop, as is necessary, then Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v in a New image, as per above.

          Finally, Save_As PSD. For a Menu, there are a lot of considerations on creating Buttons (Layer Sets, but with special naming conventions). In Encore, I'd Import_As_Menu, and then add Buttons from the Library.

          I don't know how directly thes steps might translate with PS Elements. I also do not know its limitations on creating DVD-compliant Button Layer Sets.

          Good luck,

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            New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
            ALT + Print Screen will capture just the active window, probably better in this case. You can then paste the image into a blank Photoshop file if you have Photoshop Elements.

            I have Paintshop Pro, that has a very nice screen capture feature. It is only version 7 but I keep it around just for that purpose.

            Lots to know about Premiere Elements;
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              Ned if I understand correctly you just have to click the little camera underneath the monitor to get a still photo of your video frame of your mosaic. With the settings you can save it as a .jpeg and it will be added to your project and you can use that as menu background.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Of course. I was thinking that the OP wanted some of the rest of the screen, but after a re-read, I believe that I was wrong.

                Exporting a sitll frame will do just what the OP wants. Sorry that I did not see that early on. DUH!