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    Burned disc using PE 7 does not recreate Surround 5.1

      After burning AVCHD format using PE 7 the disc does not play sound at 5.1 Even though the picture is Hi Def.
      Any ideas
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          PE7 does not support 5.1 export... only import. Your exported audio will be stereo.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Paul R,

            There are several DVD authoring programs, that will burn DD 5.1 SS to DVD via AC3 (some may also use WMA, but AC3 is a DVD-spec manditory format, as is PCM/WAV). I use Encore, which used to be a stand-alone program. Unfortunately (for the masses who do not own the Adobe Production Studio, or similar, CS3 - CS4), it is only available bundled with P-Pro. Since I use Encore, I am not up on exactly which other authoring programs offer this, other than Sonic Scenarist (not an option for the hobbyist, because of the horrible price). Others can verify their experiences with other programs. I'd suspect that Sony's DVD Architect can also do it.

            Now, the problem *may* come with Export from PE7 with AC3 DD 5.1 SS encoded audio. P-Pro does this via a separate plug-in, Minnetonka's SurCode Dolby. They also offer some stand-alone encoders for DTS, and other "theater" Audio formats. They are having a "sale," right now, but do not know if any of their products will plug-in to PE7. Maybe Paul LS can verify the above, and offer suggestions on how to encode your 5.1 Audio from PE7.

            It *seems* that Nero and Roxio offer some authoring with DD 5.1 SS, but there have been problems. Their encoders work with some material, but not others. The SurCode is a fully licensed Dolby encoder. You can certify that your DVD is fully DD 5.1 SS, but first you have to submit a copy of it to Dolbe for full certification and then can use the Dolby Digital logo on your DVD. You cannot certify with tne Nero/Roxio programs, as their encoders are basically hacked/reverse-engineered version of the official, licensed ones.

            One caveat on Encore: it handles 5.1 Audio perfectly, by Importing and then Transcoding and Burning it. However, Encore handles these files in "pass-through" mode, meaning that you can only monitor stereo, within the program. Still, the end results are perfect. I use it for 90% of my Projects, and also the SurCode DTS for about 20%. DTS is an "optional" format, and one MUST have either PCM/WAV, or AC3 as the main Audio source on an NTSC DVD (in PAL, one can still use MPEG Audio, though that has been relegated to being an "optional" format recently), so the DTS is accessible via a Menu choice for the user.

            I feel certain that Paul LS, Steve and several others can help you out with exactly what PE7 can, and cannot do, regarding DD 5.1 SS Audio. Sorry, but I do not use PE for this sort of work, so do not know its limitations. I also do not know if PE allows one to include optional Audio tracks on the burned DVD's.

            Though more for P-Pro, see this discussion:

            Good luck,

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              Paul_LS Level 4
              Also Corel Video Studio or DVD Moviefactory can create 5.1 audio discs. Programs cost around $70 or $80.