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    Trimming help

    Jasonrn Level 1
      I have a video with a second audio track from a mic that I have synced up. Now I need to trim both so the clip starts after the clapping sound (which allowed me to sync). I can't seem to figure this simple task out. The best solution for me has been to place a timeline marker, then trim the audio first, then the video. But it doesn't seem right. I tied grouping and linking also. The problem is that the second audio track is offset a little. It keeps closing the gap on me, and messing up my sync.

      They say a picture is worth... So see here for what I'm trying to do: http://i663.photobucket.com/albums/uu357/jasonrn2000/Untitled.jpg

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          You can use the CTI (the vertical red line) as a snap-to guide. Your trims will snap right to it.

          Or you group the three synchronized tracks (hold down your shift key and select all three, then right-click and select Group). As long as these pieces are grouped, they'll all trim together.
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            Jasonrn Level 1
            I tried grouping, but I had problems with the offset. When I trimmed the main movie, the second audio trimmed too - trimming the same amount - creating an out of sync. Because of this offset, the main movie actually needs to be trimmed more that the second audio track. I will try the CTI.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Then use the first method I described.

              I do it all the time with several tracks of synced video.
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                Help, I have the same problem! The replies here don't seem to work. I want to delete my first scene along with the soundtrack, which is some mp3 files I've added. I went to timeline. I deleted all mp3s from the soundtrack under the first scene. I added a marker after the first scene. I right clicked the video, chose 'delete and close gap' and it didn't work. It deleted but didn't close gap. Thanks for any help! Also, I cannot select just the portion of the soundtrack under the scene even though I put a marker there. It selects up to the next mp3 in scene 2. And it doesn't delete. After all this I am left with 2 minutes of black screen and two titles from scene one showing before my movie starts. I tried deleting the titles. Still no luck. I had no luck trying to group anything together. That didn't work. Thank you!!!
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  You have a clip on a parallel audio or video track that's keeping Delete and Close Gap from working. Scroll up your timeline if necessary until you see it and delete it.

                  In order for Delete and Close Gap to work, there must be nothing in the gap on any track.
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                    Furball_fluff Level 1
                    Steve, thank you. It was a couple of titles in scene one that were still there. I went to sceneline, played the video - all that was left of it, which was a black screen, and when a title played, I right clicked on the blue bar under the monitor panel that says "title" and clicked delete. I did this for both of the titles. After that, I could delete and close gap. I will continue on with converting my home movies to DVD. Love this program, it is fun. Addictive. Thanks!
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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                      Glad I could help, Jill. (And, again, these problems are much easier to diagnose in timeline mode than they are sceneline.)