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    Extracting Audio clips from Video Clips

      I am using Premier Elements 7 on a pc running Vista. I would like to know how to separate the audio from a video clip so that I can use it to run on the title or over the credsis at the end of a movie. Is this possible I have been able to do this on other programs but can't figure out how in Premier Elements.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          The easiest way is to just put the clip on your timeline, right-click on it and select Delete Video.

          There are also ways to output the audio only from a file, if that's what you need.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Would Render & Replace work here? It would create a WAV file based on the Audio from the muxed AV file. This would appear in the Project Panel and also on the HDD, along with the appropriate CFA & PEK files for it. That resulting WAV could then be edited separately in either PE, or in an Audio editing program, like Audigy. Now, the Audio portion of the file on the Timeline would be replaced by this new WAV, but if one wished to revert back to the muxed version, you'd still have the muxed AV file (complete) in the Project Panel and could easily do a Delete in the Timeline and drag the muxed AV back to the Timeline. If the original file has been cut, i.e. edited, one would have to do the Render & Replace for each resulting Clip. If so, see next.

            Since PE does not use the Export conventions of Pro, I'm just guessing that one could also use Share (?) to basically Export>Audio, like in Pro, just from a different Menu and screen. Gotta' help me on this one though. Don't want Patricia looking for something that doesn't exist in PE.

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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              You could just copy the audio and paste it.

              Alt-click on the audio part of the clip to select just the audio, CTRL-C (copy), move the CTI to the start of a clear area, then CTRL-V (paste) one or more times for the number of audio copies you want. Afterwards you can move and trim them so they are aligned with the title and end credits.

              You can also disable the audio or video portion. Alt-Click the audio or video portion, right-click, clear the Enable option.

              You can export the audio going File > Export > Audio. But first you need to set the Work Area Bar to cover the part of the audio you want to export. Make sure the Timeline has the focus. Then File>Export>Audio, click the Settings button and change the Range option from Entire Timeline to Work Area Bar.

              You can also export the audio by selecting the clip in the Project media bin, (not the organizer), and go File>Export>Audio.
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                (Patricia_S_Weaver) Level 1
                Thanks Steve I will give that a try
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                  (Patricia_S_Weaver) Level 1
                  Thank you Robert That sounds good
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                    New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
                    You can find some great tutorials and tips and Muvipix.com, many are free. We also have a great video editing community were people share ideas and new things that they find, as well as helping out other members. Drop by and check it out when you have a chance, sounds like something that might help you out at times :)

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