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    EXPORTING for hard disk

      Is there an option on Premiere Elements 3 to export for hard disk? I would like to avoid rendering because I am editing an MPEG-2 file.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Of course you can output to a hard drive, and in any of a number of possible video formats.

          However, Premiere Elements only edits MPEG2 natively when it's editing HDV video. Otherwise, it will be converted to DV-AVI before you output anything, including another MPEG2 file.

          In other words, we'd have to know more about this video and what kind of camcorder it came from and what type of video you want to save to your hard drive before we can advise you.
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            Level 1
            Hi Lane, As told by Steve Premiere Elements provides the option of exporting to the Hard Disk, so that part is simple.

            The second part of your question is a bit confusing. If by rendering you mean timeline rendering, then Steve has already answered your question. i.e. premiere elements edits MPEG2 natively only when it's editing HDV video. For any other video type, you will have to render it on the timeline.
            However, if by rendering you mean encoding which is done at the time of exporting a file from premiere elements then this can never be avoided, not even if you are editing MPEG2 file using HDV settings.