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    Import VHS via Pyro A/V Link

      I have done this before, but with Premiere Elements 2.0. I have upgraded to Premiere Elements 7.0 (and Vista). I cannot get Elements 7 to recognize the firewire connection used by the Pyro A/V Link that I have attached to the machine. None of the options when I bring up the "Get Media" screen recognizes the VCR even if it is playing at the time.

      The ability to import VHS tapes from a VHS player through the Pyro A/V Link is the reason I wanted to use Premiere Elements. It has worked in older versions of Windows (again with an older version of Elements), and I am completely befuddled what I am missing now ... I could easily not see anything, but the lack of a meaningful manual makes it hard to figure out.

      Suggestions, steps, etc. will be greatly appreciated.