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    Pe7 New Project old stuff

      Why is it when you change to a new project you bring all those old clips from old projects in the project box along with you? I have all my projects stored on a external hd all in different folders. All scratch disks set to save in projects.
      Gateway 4800 2.66 4 core intel I7 chip
      650 gig hd
      1.5 external hd
      6 gigs of ram
      vista home 64 ver
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          You aren't looking at the project box, you are looking at the Orgainizer introduced in version 4. Click on the brown Edit button, which then turns orange, and then click the Project button to see what is in the project media bin. That's empty for new projects.

          The Orgainzer catalog database is shared with Photoshop Elements, if you have that.
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            You can delete the clips from the Organizer if you wish. Select all, right click, select delete. It will not delete the files from your PC, only remove them from the Organizer.
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              Level 1
              Hi Jerry,
              The assets that you see are not from the projects, they are just the stuff that sits on your system. This (Organizer)is a tool to let us Organize and tag our clips, so that its easy to find later.

              I am pretty used to the FOLDER (windows) way of doing things, but yes, when it comes to Pictures and Video, Tagging and sorting really helps.

              Dont worry about the Organiser, if you are not using it. Just switch to the project view and you are set to go (as u used to do in the previous versions)

              And as Johnny says, you can delete stuffs from Organizer.