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    Scenealyzer... Opinions Please!

    Ed.Macke Level 3
      I'm looking into Third-Party products that will do basically what PRE's Scene Split By Content does: analyze a DV-AVI video clip and look for changes in scene content (NOT timecode) and create separate clips/DV-AVI files.

      It doesn't have to do capture functions - I could use WinDV or Premiere for that - so it could either do it on the fly while capturing or just look at an existing AVI.

      I see several recommendations for Scenalyzer, so that's my current "gold standard". I've downloaded the trial, and it works with my setup and I'm happy with the results.

      What does everybody think of this product?
      *Are the AVI files it produces OK quality-wise (i.e. codecs and whatnot)
      *Are there any better products, especially free, that are comparable? It doesn't have to be perfect at scene recognition - "close enough" is good enough.

      I just want to know before I plunk down my $35 for Scenealyzer if there's something cheaper/better/etc.

      Thanks all!