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    Exxport/Burn/Render Troubleshooting Tip?

      I was just having problems with a project that was locking up while trying
      to burn a DVD.

      I came up with a troubleshooting approach that someone else may have already
      suggested, but I've never heard of it.

      I tried to save the file as a DV/AVI, instead of a CD. Had this been
      successful, I might have brought it into a new project and burned it that
      way, but..

      The DV/AVI job also terminated with an error message. However it did create
      a partial DV/AVI. After scratching my head a little while..

      I brought the partial DV/AVI into the same project, and put it on a new
      blank time line, above the existing project time lines.

      The end of the partial DV/AVI exactly coincided with the beginning of a
      clip, which I therefore decided was suspicious.

      I was able to replace that suspicious clip with something else.

      I was then able to burn the DVD.

      Burning a DV/AVI seems to be a way to find out more precisely what in a
      project is causing it to fail.