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    Premiere Elements 4 Scratch disk error / clips off line


      I am a new user to Premiere Elements 4.0. I have just started teaching Media Studies and am attempting A Level coursework, and am having numerous problems.

      1. We have been editing for some time. Today, when trying to access a project (all projects are stored on a designated drive of a school system), a notice popped up saying there was a scratch disk error and the project could not be opened unless the scratch files were put in the My Documents section of the school system. What does this mean? Is the project lost to us for good? I have a copy saved on an external hard drive and the same message popped up.
      This occurred after editing successfully earlier in the morning.

      2. Projects which will open are appearing with all the clips offline. Where have they gone?! We have changed nothing since our earlier editing session today.

      3. In the earlier successful editing session, one group tried to capture some new material. All the new clips they saved appeared as being offline, and then their existing clips went offline one by one.

      Any advice / suggestions?

      Thanks you so much to anyone who can help explain this.

      Sarah (In Panic!)