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    Major Capture Issues in PE7


      I am using the educational version of PE7 for teaching video editing to students. The university is a laptop campus and everyone has "identical" laptops. Obviously they all have different software installed for personal reasons, but the hardware is identical. Specs below.

      We are using Canon GL1 camcorders. The capture window in PE7 is has/had major problems. At first I was unable to get any device control, only the record button was available, even after configuring the device control for the make/model. I would hit the play button on the camera, then hit record in the capture window, then there was a delay of 5-10 seconds before it would actually capture. Stopping capture was even worse. It would take sometimes up to a minute to stop capturing.

      I've increased the paging file on my laptop to 6GB minimum and 8GB max, and that really helped with the load time of the program, and I now have device control. However, I am getting delays in the capture window unless I disable "Show Video during capture" in the capture settings.

      This is the first semester we've used this version (no problems with PE3!), but none of the students have had to use the program yet as we are still learning to use the cameras. I do, however, know of one student not in my class who experienced similar issues on her laptop using PE7.

      Is there anything else I can do? Here are the system specs:

      Lenovo R61
      OS: XP Service Pack 3
      CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 2.4 GHz
      RAM: 1.96GB
      Hard drive: 80GB (40GB free on mine at the moment)
      Paging file currently set between 6GB and 8GB

      Let me know if there are other specs that might be pertinent.

      Thank you,


      EDIT: I have very few programs running in the background, just the basics like wireless adapter and some system apps. I've encountered this with anti-virus (NOD32) running and disabled with no change.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If your FireWire connection to your camcorder is properly configured, you shouldn't have to press play on the camcorder and start the capture in the program. You should be able to control the camcorder with the program.

          Do you have a FireWire connection to the Canon and can you stop and start playback of the camcorder from Premiere Elements?
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            Level 1
            After increasing the paging file, I gained device control (play, stop, ff/rwd, and scrubbing), so that is not a problem anymore. Now it is just an issue when I have video preview on during capture that it really slows down.

            The firewire port works great. In fact, it's strange because I also have Premiere Pro 1.0 installed for other purposes and I have absolutely no problems running that program.
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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              I have the same problem with my Samsung MiniDV camcorder. On the capture screen, only the record button is enabled. The only way to get the transport controls in PRE7 to "release" is by using my little remote to play back a part of the tape in the camcorder. I cannot stop the tape from PRE7, only pause it. I have to use the remote to stop it.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Ensure that you have the latest version of Quicktime.

                Otherwise, it could just be a laptop thing. Laptops are generally designed more for portability and office work than for high-end, intensive things like video editing. I was on a Mac forum today, and even there people were recommending against editing video on a Powerbook.

                You might be able to. Many people do. But the odds are against you.
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                  I had similar problem but it went away after updating the video driver on my system. You could give that a try.