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    PE4 stop capturing

    SaveQc Level 1

      First, I'm not sure if my problem is PE4 itself or my computer. It's what I'm trying to find out.

      I'm working with a dual-core laptop with to 2Go of Ram and XP Pro. I'm capturing on external hard-drives (running I think at 5400 RPM) with a camera plugged in my Firewire laptop input.

      The problem is that when I do a long time recording (1 or 1 1/2 hour), SOMETIMES, PE4 just stop and I have to restart the program and sometimes even the computer.

      I suspect the problem comes from PE4 because when I capture with Win Movie Maker, I never have this problem (the problem I meet with this one is that it sometimes freezes after capturing, when he is importing the video in the collection).

      Is someone has an idea of what my problem is?

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          New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
          I would try WinDV for capture, it uses very few resources.

          Be sure to check all of your power settings and screen saver too.
          Could be that your hard disks are set to turn off after 1 hour or something. Windows can't always tell that there is a process running and it shouldn't go into Standby, so check all of those settings to make sure that they are all set to 'Never'.

          You can create a separate Power Profile for Windows just for capture if you want to and save it ;)
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            SaveQc Level 1
            Thanks for your fast reply,

            I will try WinDV. What I'm looking for is something really stable, because I'm recording classes, so I don't have "take 2". What I miss, I just miss it.

            For the power settings, I was already at "5 hours" or "never", so it's not the problem. And since I only have this problem with PE4 and not WinMovieMaker, it should not be a Windows setting, but who knows?


            I'll try WinDV and I'll continue to look for something.
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              New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
              If WinDV doesn't work I don't know what will. If you didn't have any problems with Movie Maker you would be using it. Might not be the exact same problem but could be the exact same issue that causes problems with both ;)
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                Hey I guess this problem can come because of 2 reasons:
                1: External hard-drives
                2: You are recording in "scene detect" mode.

                as I have done the same many a times and it was stable as well! You can check this as well. May be it will help.