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    Avchd editing on 64 bit system

      I am trying to edit avchd files written by a sony hdr-sr12 camcorder. they are 1080i in native resolution.

      My problems are that when i just play them in premiere the video skips a ton. And when i try to export, the file will be ten times the size of the project file and i cannot even play it without it skipping frames!! and i am playing it in windows movie player. But i can easily play the original files in the sony avchd player.

      I am running a 64 bit system on vista ultimate with a 2.53 ghz duo core processor, 4 gig RAM, Nvidia 9800 gs graphics card, and 2x 320 g 7200 rpm hd. I would think my note book should handle it.But when i over clock the processor (up to about 2.8 ghz), the video does not skip as much.

      i also have a blue-ray drive, but it does not have a b-r burner :(.
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          Hi Andrew,

          Your system configuration looks great, although the possible reason for the video skipping could be your system not being decently maintained. You could try cleaning up, making some more disc space, defragging and make sure while working with Premiere Elements for AVCHD, no other heavy application is running in the foreground. AVCHD editing as you might know is very complax and requires loads of processor and memory.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            I don't know about those specs, guys. AVCHD, as we say daily on this forum, usually requires a quad core processor for editing in Premiere Elements, as you can see at the bottom of this FAQ (from the library at the top of this forum).

            However, our Muvipix.com resident genius Robert Johnston did come up with this method of "proxy editing" AVCHD that uses a lot less resources.