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    How to set audio hardware input channels for narration & to what?

      Searched forum - hope I didn't miss solution for the following:

      Using PE3 in Windows XPSP3

      Tried for the first time to add narration to a project. Was using a stereo/microphone headset. Got nothing but noise. Could record in Windows recorder and Audacity. However, the microphone as part of the set would not work in Windows Audio Hardware Test Wizard. The set was using a sound chip on the motherboard.

      A friend of mine has the same OS, motherboard and is using PE3. He too had never tried adding narration - but tried with a USP connected set, and was successful.

      I removed my stereo set, and connected a USB set. To make sure all settings were reset, I did a cold reboot. The USB set worked in Windows Audio Test Wizard. I opened my project again, and in Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware, clicked AIIO Settings. Unchecked the old set (Realtek) in both the Output and Input Ports area, checked the USB Audio Device, moved to the top of both lists.

      Then tried to add narration and got the error message "Your current audio hardware selection does not have any input channels. Please use Preferences>Audio Hardware to correct this problem.

      Thinking that maybe this was a preset for the project and couldn't be changed, I started a new project, no video, just tried to add narration, and got the same message.

      The entries in the columns in the ASIO Direct Sound for Full Duplex Setup menu for the USB Audio Device in the Input section are: 2048, 0, 1, 16, Yes

      The only one of these that seems to be able to be adjusted is the second number - the Offset (Samples). The Audio Channels number is set to 1 and doesn't seem to be changeable. Suggestions?