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    PE4 crashes when trying to add titles/text

      PE4 has just begun (I have used it for over a year without experiencing this problem) crashing every time that I click on the 'add text' button. I can't get it to crash any other way except by trying to add or edit titles.

      I am using Vista on an HP pavillion with 2.0 Gb RAM and 1.8 Ghz core duo processor.

      Thanks for any advice or help that you can give me!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Make sure you have the latest Quicktime as well as the other updates for your drivers and firmware.

          Run regular maintenance to keep your computer running smoothly and to get rid of the temp files that gunk of a system.

          And occasionally clear your program's preferences by holding down the left side Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys as you launch Premiere Elements.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Since it seems that working in the Titler (Adding Text) is causing an issue, you might want to investigate your fonts very closely.

            The Titler in PE and PrPro are very, very sensitive to corrupt fonts. Other Adobe programs will not balk, unless you try to actually use one. Titler will crash and bring down the house, with just one corrupt font.

            Best solution that I have is to get a copy of Font Doctor from Extensis and run it on your entire system. It will find all fonts, test them and repair most. Otherwise, it will allow to remove the ones that could not be repaired.

            The other way to check fonts is more involved, hence my rec. above. Move half of your installed fonts (being careful to NOT Move any system fonts). Start PE and test Titler. If it works fine without crashes, Move half (of your original half) back and test. If it's fine, move half of that half back, and so on and so on. If Moving the first half did not work, then Move half of that half and text. Get the picture? The idea is to weed out by dealing in halves, rather than Moving one font at a time. As I have over 9k on the workstaion (not installed at any one time though), you can imagine the headache. Font Doctor found twelve corrupt fonts, and was able to repair ten. I then deleted the other two, and located them on a backup disc. They were fine there.

            Good luck,

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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3
              You can reset the working styles so that the default font is selected instead of one that may be corrupted and causing a crash.

              Note that the following procedure will clear out any custom styles you have created.

              Exit out of Premiere Elements first. Then delete or rename Workingset.prsl in this directory:

              C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\4.0\Styles

              After you start up Premiere Elements and add text the next time, the "Adobe Carlson Pro" font will be the default font.