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    Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 keeps crashing

      hey I have been editing my video for a while now but for some reason now cant even click pause without crashing I dont no what I have done but please dont say i have to do it all over again. says adobe premiere Elements.exe has stopped working.
      one more thing I rendered the video and it still works like a 1980s video camera its shocking. I had to convert them to avi because its one of those video cameras that record it on the mini dvd. please help with that thanks
      please help thanks

      Thank you
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          With more information about your computer hardware and how you converted the video you're editing, it's impossible to help you, Mitchell. Also, you really haven't given us much to work with except that the program doesn't work.

          It might be best to contact Adobe Tech Support. They'll be able to ask the necessary questions and walk you through some troubleshooting.
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            i think the problem is that your system is not in a great state.
            i would advise you to defragg your system, create more free hard drive space, and try again. Also if you can clear your organizer, it might help, that is if you are able to reach till that point..
            Like Steve asked for, providing your system config will help..

            Best wishes with editing.