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    Unable to render Titles and Zooms

      I am unable to render Titles and Zooms which have been imported from Photoshop. Either it says its done it, line goes green , but after Save and Close , on re- entry its not done, or it fails" out of memory". These are projects of about 200 slides and a dozen video clips, about 20 mins.

      System is XP, 3G dual CPU, lots of internal and external disc, 3g RAM and system optimized according to paper 333 161

      Any ideas, or doesn't it matter if the rest is OK.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Have you optimized all of your graphics and photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs at the top of this forum?
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            (Chris_D_Pick) Level 1
            Hi Steve

            In searching around on how to do what you suggested, I did the following which seemed to fix , at least one title clip.

            Went to title clip
            Deleted audio track ( there is no audio but it got added somewhere)
            Broke it apart
            Noted background colour track Deleted that.
            Then ended up with just photo track and text track
            Then rendered work area, save, close, reopened, and it seemed to have stayed rendered.
            Its a bit tedious as I have about a dozen titles. Will try a zoom now.

            So thanks for your help, even though it was indirect.If what I did triggers an easier work around I would be pleased to hear.

            I noted your comments about my other message added to existing topic. I will get all the rendering done and then see how it behaves.

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              I think the problem should be with your pixels size only. Can you try what Steve was saying and share the result with us.
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                (Chris_D_Pick) Level 1
                Well...... When putting the photos together in PS with titles, I accidentally added a blue background colour. I didn't merge the layers. So when it was imported into PE, it displayed with multiple photos icon on it.And hence wouldn't render as it was.If I broke it up, deleted the background layer in the Timeline, set the work area over the now unrendered section, rendered work area and hey presto it was all ok. In fact, I found out that if you looked closely in the Timeline of any area that wouldn't render, you could usually see something wrong that caused the " out of memory message" when rendering.
                The only slightly strange thing is that when you break up the layers, the now separate layers are put onto video tracks well away from where you are working, so you at first think you have lost the photo.
                Also in the scene line the photo tends to go black as it seems to stay on the original track.
                Once I managed all this I was able to put transitions back in the Timeline directly on the clip and its all great.
                All this explains most of my recent problems. Adobe was great at recovering when I got in a mess, shame it counldn't have said " unable to render multilayer photo" instead out of memory, but I know thes things are hard. Could have saved £ 25 on upgrading my memeory. But , hey , it was good fun, and I now know a lot more about the product.
                Can only make DVDs via export avi route though. But thats tomorrows challenge.
                Hope this all makes sense. I have explained it in full for the benefit of others.