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    No Sound in narration

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      I can record sound and narration in both Windows Sound Recorder and in PE 3.

      I can't in PE 7.

      In PE 3 if I click on the down arrow next to the microphone icon in the narration window, I get a whole list of audio hardware (ports?) which includes my systems "Microphone (Realtek Hi Definition)" and which is, ofc, selected.

      In PE 7 Only Realtek Hi Definition is listed with no mention of Microphone.

      Can anyone solve this for me?

      I suppose I could record the narration in PE 3 and use the files in PE 7.


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          Well, I appear to have fixed it. I went into edit/preferences and selected Audio Hardware. On exploring ASIO settings, I found several Device Names present in the two boxes that were not checked. Although none mentioned "Microphone" when I checked them all I found I can record narrations OK.

          I hope this helps others, but why they were all selected in PE3 but not PE 7 beats me!


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            And exactly what I recommended to Raymond when he posted similar issue last Thursday.

            Glad you're up and running, Jim!