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    Widescreen to fullscreen on A PE 7?

      Hi, I'm considering buying Adobe Premier Elements 7.

      Can someone tell me if it's possible to change a widescreen movie to fullscreen (pan & scan etc.) on PE7?

      I assume this is possible on Pro, but...and I know it would be a long tedious process to drag a 4:3 box back and forth through the 16:9 edit screen/film and all but it's a challenge I'd look forward to.

      If not, could it be considered a possible feature for future editions? I mean, let's face it, I'm sure there are many features that many of us don't use on Premier that might be someone else's bread and butter so to at least have the option on this would be great.

      Anyways, let me know, thanks in advance. :)
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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3
          Just start a standard 4:3 project. Add you widescreen movie clip to the timeline. Right-click and uncheck "scale to frame size." That may be the secret. In the properties panel select the Motion effect. Then you can use your mouse to drag the movie around on the preview monitor to position the scene. Of course you need to split the clip on the timeline where you want to pan to a new position.