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    Splitting large AVCHD projects

    (Ron_Goldby) Level 1
      I have read on this forum that PE7 does not like (cannot handle) large projects which should therefore be split into manageable chunks which are then saved as AVI's ready for re-import to combine into the magnum opus.
      I am editing AVCHD and cannot see an AVI spec of 1920 x 1080i PAL 25 frames in Share on a PC. All I see is 720X576 which is standard definition AVI (DV style).
      How do I break a large AVCHD project up and retain the High definition?
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          You can export it as high definition H.264 or HDV MPEG2. Problem is you will get some quality loss on multiple export/imports. You could export it as uncompressed AVI but the files would be massive. Alternative is to use an intermediate AVI codec like MJPEG, smaller file sizes and can be exported more times before you see quality loss. But you would need to buy an MJPEG codec.
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            Editing large AVCHD projects would certainly consume a lot of processor memory and power. Certainly there is no spec corresponding to AVI @ the FULL HD resolution. Why don't you edit the project in chunks and export each one as MPEG2/H.264 and once everything is done, re-import and export again collectively in MPEG2/H.264.
            in 2 step export, degradation would be less however it will solve your purpose.