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    Still images turn to black backgrounds in the exported movie

      I am still using Premiere 2.0. I produced a ca. 25 min project with still images at the beginning and at the end and short videoclips in between. Still images are only ca. 40-50 kB large. When working on it I occasionally got a few problems (e.g. an audio transition across two clips was making Premiere hanging up) but I could easily get around them and successfully preview the project and export it to a folder and directly to a DVD. However, when viewing the movie on TV I found out that almost all (BUT NOT ALL!) the still images had turned into black backgrounds. I have exported the movie as MPEG, more still images were fine but not all of them. I have tried to drastically reduce the number of still images (max 5) but nome of them were fine. I do not have any error message and this problem is driving me crazy! Does anyone have a brilliant idea?
      Last year I bought the new version of Premiere (3.0 I believe, surely not 7.0) but I stopped using it after one week because there was no way to successfully export the project I was working on. I made several videos, always got problems but so far I always found a solution on Premiere forum. Hope this time too!
      Many thanks for the attention

      fabia (switzerland)
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Try sizing your photos to 1000x750 pixels in size.

          Also, right-click on each photo on the timeline and select Field Options and check the Flicker Removal box.

          These will give you the best quality.

          I am also concerned, however, that you are having technical problems and, especially, that you can not use a newer version of the program.

          I'd recommend you install the latest version of Quicktime and the newest RealTek drivers, as we recommend in our FAQ.

          Also, using my recommended computer maintenance will remove temp files on your computer and make it run like new.
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            VideoJohnny Level 1
            >Try sizing your photos to 1000x750 pixels in size.

            Pn PRE2, I have had this same major issue. It's not that the photo is turning black,it is that the photo is disappearing against a black background.

            YOu need to do as Steve suggests. It is the only cure.