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    How to get smooth slow motion?

    Ed.Macke Level 3
      Does anybody have any suggestions for how to get smooth-looking slow motion video?

      I'm trying to do movie-like things like show a basketball layup normal speed right up until the ball goes in and then slow it down to ultra-slow motion. Or show my kid going by on a merry-go-round... she approaches normal speed then slows down as she goes by. I hope you get the idea.

      The way I do it is to take a clip, split it, and the part after the split is time-stretched to a certain percentage, say 25%. But the video looks REALLY choppy.

      I'm looking for the smooth ultra slow motion that you see on TV (think "The Matrix" or Mythbusters slow-mo explosions). I thought I remembered Mythbusters saying they have a 10,000 frame/second camera or some such nonsense - I hope that's not the secret because I don't have one of those! :)

      Any helpful hints or suggestions, like techniques in PRE, or even camera tricks if I know I'm going to edit something as slow motion?