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    PRE7: Cant hear any audio output

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      I have just installed PRE7 on a new PC running Vista and am starting to use it for the 1st time. I am editing some video which I captured previously with PRE4 on an XP PC. Format is DV widescreen Pal. The video plays back fine in Windows Media Player but there is no sound when playing back in PRE7.

      The audio system is a Realtek HD Audio. Preferences are set to use PRE Windows Sound which is mapped to Realtek HD 1 and 2.
      I changed the Playback settings in Project Settings to set the external device as None (it wasnt working before this) as I am not using an external device for playback. This sets the option to Desktop Audio. It still didnt work.
      Realtek HD Audio appears 3 times in the ASIO Settings. The box is checked on only the last 1 of them.