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    Convert PAL to NTSC

      Hi I have a project filmed and edited using PAL standards.
      Using elements 3 can i produce a DVD that can be played in the USA and if so how?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          It's supposedly possible, but remember that you're dealing with a different frame size as well as a different frame rate.

          Just select the NTSC DVD output option.

          If that doesn't work, try exporting an NTSC DV-AVI using File/Export/Movie and going into the settings.

          if that works and the video looks good, open an NTSC DV project, import the DV-AVI into it and produce your NTSC DVD from there.
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            Yes, I have done this with PE2 at the DVD output stage. It takes about 20% longer to render because it needs to generate the extra frames and, for the same reason, pans can appear jumpy. The picture loses some detail, presumably because of the differently mapped pixels. The quality is disappointing compared to the originals.

            Unfortunately only a few DVD players available in the US will play PAL DVDs directly, although I am told that apparently there are ways to edit the files on the DVD to persuade the DVD player to decode the PAL based MPEG2 files as if they were NTSC.

            Of course, if the end user of the DVD is content to view it on a computer then the PAL DVD will work.

            My biggest difficulty was testing the NTSC DVD in UK because although all my DVD players will read NTSC disks, I was not sure whether the quality degradation was on the disk or in the playback from a DVD player to a PAL TV. However when I eventually got the disks to the USA and played them back on a state of the art Sony installation, it was clear that the problem is with the standard conversion.

            Ian G
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              (Dai_Jimpkins) Level 1
              Thanks Gents