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    Premiere Element Freezes When Tried to Burn DVD

      My computer meets and exceeds the requirements for Premiere Element 4. It also has about 50 GB of free disk space. I put together a file (about 30 minutes) consisting of stills and video clips, sound tracks, effects, and transition. When I tried to burn a DVD the first time, the program froze at the first instance of "burn" after completion of encoding and compiling. I removed Premiere Element and then reloaded it. I was able to burn a DVD. When I tried to burn again after making a minor change (to some text on still images), I then experienced the same problem even though with the same remove/reload routine.

      From your website, I tried to sort out if the problem was due to my project or my computer system. I could create a DVD folder of a simple file but not a folder for my project. So it seemed that my project file was the problem. I then took the suggested approach, i.e. to make DVD folders of segments of my project and they all worked.

      Finally, I was able to export my project to my hard disk as an AVI file and then load the file as a new project. Then burning a DVD was uneventful. The burned DVD showed that the file was about 1.6 GB in length.

      Would appreciate your suggestions on how to identify the glitch that prevented me from burning a DVD in the straightforward manner. I might add that I had burned DVDs of projects of almost identical composition and length and had experienced no such problem.