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    PE3: No sound during playback

    Vee S Level 1
      I just imported an AVI file into PE3 in order to split it up. But when I playback the video, there's no sound.

      I've checked my sound settings and everything seems ok. I opened the file in Photoshop Elements and the sound was normal.

      Is there a setting within PE3 that I need to change? Thanks.
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          Paul_LS Level 4
          What type of AVI is it? Is it DV-AVI captured over firewire or something else?
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            Vee S Level 1
            Hi Paul, it was via my Canon S5 IS camera--the only specs I could find online where these:

            Video Resolutions 320 x 240 640 x 480 (VGA)
            Video Speed 60 fps
            Video Format AVI Motion JPEG
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              That codec is the problem, v6. Premiere Elements can't work with MJPEG-AVIs.

              Here's how to convert them.
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                Barb__O Level 4

                Looking at the Canon site, for the S5 IS

                Movie: AVI (Image: Motion JPEG; Audio: WAVE (Stereo))
                Movie: 640 x 480 (30 fps/30 fps LP), 320 x 240 (60 fps/30 fps) available up to 4GB or 60 minutes

                I am curious which settings you actually used?

                Steve and v6,

                If v6 does not want to convert all the S5 IS video clips, then an alternate approach is to download and install an MJPEG codec. See this FAQ


                However, I do think that doing the conversion of one of these video clips using Movie Maker and then checking the results in Premiere Elements is a good idea for troubleshooting the problem.
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                  Vee S Level 1
                  Thanks for the replies. Barb, I recorded using the LP option (which I assume stands for long play). I'll check out both the MJPEG codec and conversion options.
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                    Barb__O Level 4
                    >I recorded using the LP option

                    It is good that you chose 640x480 but the LP may be not be a good choice.

                    My Canon A650 IS does not have an LP choice, so I don't have a direct comparison. Also I have not found a precise definition of what Canon means by LP although I do agree with your conclusion on long play.

                    What I suspect is that the LP option would use a lower data rate in order to fit more elapsed time on the SD card. This will most probably decrease the quality. So my suggestion is that you do at least one test, where you record the same contents with LP and without LP. It would be even better to do more comparison tests with different lighting conditions and different zoom amounts.

                    Then evaluate your results both by playing your .avi files on your PC with Windows Media Player and by editing each of these files in Premiere Elements and then outputing it to your intended final format (perhaps a DVD).
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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      When you do your tests, as BarbO recommends, make sure to have some motion in your test footage, and not just the same static objects. Have someone run across the field of view at about the same speed and compare how their motion is recorded in both capture modes. Static objects can look pretty much the same, and can fool one into using either a higher compression, or a lower bit-rate. Then, when there's motion, the results will likely look totally different. Check the edges of the person, as they run, and see if you can find a difference. Also, look closely at the colors.

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                        Barb__O Level 4
                        good point Hunt