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    Video has "jumps" in it

      When I take the video and watch it on my Sony HD camera there are no pause or jumps in it. However when I take it to Youtube example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJg7UC3bWN8&feature=channel_page there are the little jumps in it. It appears to do this on the finished video on the computer as well. So it has to occur somewhere in rendering? Anyone know what is going on with this or how to remedy the situation?

      I really appreciate any help or insight on this.

      I save it to my computer with these setting and then uploaded to Youtube with these settings

      My process for uploading is
      Video H.264
      Quality 100
      Frame Width 1280
      Frame Height 720
      Frame Rate 29.97
      Field Order none
      Pixel Aspect Ratio square
      Set Bitrate checked
      Bitrate 8000kps

      Audio Code ACC
      Output Channel Stereo
      Frequency 44kHz
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          I wonder if it's an issue with your player or computer specs, Street. I watched your video and didn't see any jumps!

          Do the jumps happen at a specific spot that you can indicate for us, or is it irregular (which would further indicate a problem on your computer, like outdated version of Quicktime, etc.)?
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            Paul_LS Level 4
            No pauses or jumps in the video that I could see (only watched the first 3 minutes though). At what time in the video do they happen?
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              Level 1
              In the first minute in HD it just seems like it has little jumps/pauses in it. Maybe it is just me being over critical. I watched it at home on my laptop and thought it seems jumpy too...it seems like a split second digital jump. It does it through out the entire video, IMO.

              I just bought a new computer, HP with AMD Phenom 9500 2.20Ghz Quad Core, with 6 GB of Ram.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                I'm not seeing it, Street. Sorry.
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                  Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                  Basically what you have uploaded is an AVCHD video. I see jumps in it big time if I view it in HD. If I view the normal quality video, which is FLV, it plays smoothly. Because the FLV is made from the MP4, then it's just your computer having trouble playing AVCHD, which is no surprise.

                  Practically nobody will be able to view the HD version.
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                    Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                    I'm now viewing the HD version in Windows Media Player. The file is in my temporary folder at 60 GB. It plays back very well in WMP, and WMP is using my Lead h.264 and Lead AAC codecs that I purchased. I don't see anything wrong. If I try to play it back with Quicktime, then I have a problem there.
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                      Level 1
                      Robert are you saying that the acutal speed of the computer is the problem on the HD? I'm not 100% I understand your post #5.

                      Any suggestions on out to get the jumps out of it on HD? Is there a different way to change the settings?
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        With HD material, the speed of the computer, especially the I/O (Input/Output - basically your hard drives, their controller and its interface to the MoBo) will make a big difference in playback smoothness. For Premiere Pro, Adobe recommends a RAID 0, 10, or 50 configuration for HD material. Also, CODEC's, like H.264, require a lot of processor cycles (CPU power) to decode for playback. Some of the newer HD CODEC's are really good for quality, but tax the system unmercifully.

                        Were I doing HD editing, I would definitely have all of my media on a RAID 50 array with a separate PCIe multi-chip controller card. Dual quad-core CPU's would be nice too.

                        One can edit HD on less (and many do), but there are often some issues with performance, especially playback.

                        Good luck,

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                          Level 1
                          Here is what I am seeing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRTzKa_V4cY&feature=hd this is HD and has no jumps in it.
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                            I have an HV30 and I'm having the same problem (HD).
                            My video looks great on tape in hd.
                            Looks great when I download it to Pre7 in hd.
                            When I upload to You Tube it's jumpy.
                            I want it to look like Streetsides example video in hd.
                            THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!
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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                              You must ensure that you're using the right project settings and that you are using the best output options.

                              (You don't want to use the YouTube share option in Premiere Elements. It's outdated.)