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      I have a Panasonic SD1 camera that shoots in MTS AVCHD files. I am able to load them into Premier Elements 7 and edit them but how can I Export them back to AVCHD file to be played either directly on my PC in HD or on a BLU RAY PLAER that support AVCHD. when I was finished I seleted SHARE and I see you can export the h.264 but is that AVCHD format?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          BluRay h.264 is under the Disc output option.

          That's technically not an MP4, I don't think, but it uses the same compression and most BluRay players can play it.
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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
            MPEG-4 Part-10 AVC is technically identical to ITU-T H.264 Standard

            The ITU-T H.264 standard and the ISO/IEC MPEG-4 Part 10 standard (formally, ISO/IEC 14496-10) are jointly maintained so that they have identical technical content. The final drafting work on the first version of the standard was completed in May 2003.

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              Premiere Elements 7.0 does not support AVCHD export. However there are other export prestes available which conform to your AVCHD footage. Also you cannot export HD in DVD. No presets are available as yet.

              You could choose:
              1. Burn to Blu-Ray with appropriate presets
              2. Export to MPEG2
              3. Export to H.264

              Hope that helps.

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                rtprtp Level 1

                Hi Dave,


                Could you tell me the specs of your computer that your editing on? Wanna make sure my Alienware quadcore can handle editing AVCHD. HAve you had any problems? Do you transcode before you edit? What kind of camera do you have.


                Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.