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    Menu Labels- Premiere 4.0

      I created a new menu template which has up to 16 scene marker icons. When I apply the template, all the marked scenes appear as expected, but I can only "rename" five per page. I created the additional scene icons by duplicating the orignals, so they have all the same components (text, background, boarder, etc). I just can't edit the titles for scenes above number five. Is there some limit to active scene markers?

      Vista, Premiere 4.0
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          How did you create the menu and duplicate these markers, Paul?

          You can only do this by opening the template in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements -- and then you must go into the layer sets and rename the layer sets to scene 1, 2, etc.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, is your Menu a wide-screen (16:9), or 4:3? There is a limitation in the number of total Buttons in wide-screen, but I think that you are within that limit, regardless. IIRC, the total # of Buttons (ALL Buttons) is 16 on wide-screen and 32 on 4:3 Menus. I'll check my memory out and post, should it be different. Remember, this is for ALL Buttons, your "scenes," and your "Back/Previous," "Next" and "Main Menu" Buttons - they are part of the count, so do not forget them.

            Steve G's comment on re-naming the Button Layer Sets will probably correct your issue. When doing a "Duplicate" of Button Layer Sets, you usually get [Button Layer Set Name] "copy." This can throw Premiere off. Simply change those Button Layer Sets' names to reflect the additional Button numbers.

            In my workflow, I always change the Button Layer Sets' names to reflect the Timelines that I will be linking to. This, however, is for use in Encore for authoring. I know that PE does some things differently, with regards to Button Layer Sets, than does Encore, so this might not be a good practice for you.

            Good luck,

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              Thanks for the reply.... I did use Photoshop to modify one of the existing templates, duplicating the layer multiple tiimes. I thought I had renamed the layers, because they do start out with "-copy" appended the titles. I also removed all the alternate language layers, leaving only English. There were several things to rename for each copy, so I'm not sure I got them all.

              I'll go through the template again, reviewing your suggestions. As long as I know the no numeric limit is not the problem I think I can clean it up.

              Again thank you for your help.
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                Alan B Baker

                I am a nubie. I recently purchased Premiere Elements 4 and I am using it to convert old home movies to DVD for my grandchildren. The DVD must be playable on a regular TV screen (not widescreen).

                I have hit a snag. Like you, I need a menu template with up to 21 scene markers (I dont necessarily need the thumbnails). From reading this thread, I realize I must modify one of the existing menu templates, something I fear is far beyond my capabilities.

                Would you be willing to send me your 16 marker Premiere Elements menu template (assuming you got it working) to use in my DVD?

                Baring that, do you know of any tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions on editing one of the existing templates in Photoshop Elements (I have Version 6)?

                Thanks for your help.

                Alan Baker
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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                  My Steve's Tips article is called "Customizing a DVD template, step by Step" and it's available at Muvipix.com to members.

                  I'd walk you through it here, but it's a rather elaborate process, and the illustrations in the article help very much.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Since I do not use PE for DVD creation, I could be way off base here, but doesn't PE create the necessary number of "scene selection" Menus, that are needed for the number of Chapter Markers? If that is the case, Alan could modify a Scene Selection Menu to hold, say 7 Links, and Save_As a new name, with the appropriate Main Menu to accommodate these (seem to recall that PE wants to see both, and then automatically handles generation of additional Menus, as needed), per the link that you offer.

                    Maybe my thinking is all wrong on how PE handles the Scene Selection Menus.


                    Beyond about 8-9 Buttons, users get very confused, even though you can fit up to 16 Buttons. The artistic layout also get compromised. Instead, I find that having multiple Scene Selecton Menus is a better route, with additional navigational Buttons to "Previous," and "Next," where necessary. I just did a Project with 35 "Chapters," and used 6 Scene Selection Menus. The last one also Linked to a Slideshow, while the "Play All" Button was on the Main Menu, along with the Link to Scene Selection 01. This Menu had a "Main Menu" Button, plus a "Next" Button. Scene Selection 02 had a "Main Menu" Button, plus a "Next" Button and a "Previous" Button. Same for most of the rest, until Scene Selection 06. It had only a "Main Menu" Button, plus a "Previous" Button. Otherwise, all Scene Selection Menus were the same. Now, I did use thumbnails for each "Chapter/Scene." The "Next," "Main," and "Previous" Buttons were just text.

                    Good luck,

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                      Alan B Baker Level 1
                      Steve, Bill,

                      Thank you very much for your replies.

                      I looked at the preview of the tip you suggested but I could not see enough to determine if it is simple enough & specific enough for me.

                      Is it specific to Premiere Elements 4 & Photoshop Element 6?
                      Does it spell out how to add buttons?

                      The website looks very interesting and I did register for the forums.


                      My admittedly limited understanding of Premiere Elements says that while it does permit some customizing of the menu templates, it does not permit adding buttons (links). Judging from Pauls post, they can be added in Photoshop Elements though the process is fairly complicated.

                      I appreciate you comments on using more that 8-9 buttons but Id still like to try Pauls template if I can.

                      Thanks again to both of you for your help.

                      Alan Baker
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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                        The article is very specific, Alan.

                        Basically, it's as simple as duplicating the layer sets that make up your scene markers on the template and them ordering them and renaming them so that they function correctly.

                        If you're a Photoshop wiz and you understand layer sets and naming conventions, you can probably figure out yourself, comparing templates. If not, the article should definitely be helpful. And, if you get stuck after working through the article, you can send me the PSD file and I'll help you troubleshoot it.