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    PE 7.0 Audio MPG Issues with Imported Media

      Just got back from vacation where I recorded 16 movies on my Sony DCR-DVD403 MiniDVD HandyCAM. I used the software that came with the camera to pull the video off of the MiniDVDs onto the computer (seems to be the only software that respects the widescreen of the source DVDs).

      Out of the 16 movies (MPG), five are not playing any audio in PE 7.0 when previewing. The others are fine. All movies play back properly when using Windows Media player.

      I noticed when loading these that the 'conforming audio' status did not appear; consequently when I look in the media cache file folder, those movies that did not have audio do not have the .CFA and .PEK files; only the mpgindex file.

      Any suggestions? I've tried removing the files out of the PE interface, closing PE, clearing the .mpgindex file and re-adding the file but it does not help. FYI, I have a SB XiFi audio card but I wouldn't think it would be an issue if Windows Media player is not having any issues.

      I moved to PE from ULead Video Studio but may have to go back if it's a PE issue only. Going to re-install Video Studio to see if they play back correctly in there.

      Thanks for any help.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Ulead Video Studio is actually more compatible to those type of video files, Shannon.

          But, if you do decide to stay with Premiere Elements, make sure:

          1) You don't capture the video with one video editor and then do your editing with another. Because of file conversions that may take place, you're better off doing as it says in the instruction sheet that came with Premiere Elements. Finalize the DVD, put it in your computer's DVD drive and then use Get Media/from DVD to rip the file into the program.

          2) Ensure that the Premiere Elements project you're trying to work in is using the Hard Drive, Flash Drive Camcorder setting.
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            Level 1

            I have the Sony DCR-DVD305 and use the supplied Sony software to download MPG's to my PC in a similiar fashion (Picture Package v1.8.1).

            I'm suspecting that if you are NOT seeing the "Conforming Audio" option that there maybe a problem with these MPG files (versus an issue with PE). It could be that the suspect MPG's got corrupted during the download (or Murphy's Law is lurking).

            Some quick things to try and isolate:

            Take suspect MPG and load into Windows Movie Maker (WMM).
            If sound doesn't play in WMM, it's more likely a file issue, and not PE. If the sound is okay, just convert within WMM to the DV-AVI format and load that into PE.

            Or, just load the Handycam MiniDVD into your DVD Player (or PC) and see if the suspect files play sound okay with the resident .VOB format of the DVD disc (don't forget to finalize the Mini-Disk). If this works okay, there are ways to load the .VOB files into PE for successfull editing.

            Post your results...