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    Audio effects


      Is there anywhere where I can learn how to use the audio effects in PE. I am particularly interested in wind noise reduction which is obscuring the commentary. I can open the noise reduction meter but haven't got a clue how to use it! Trial and error might take some time.

      The best I've done so far is to use the high pass filter and change the pitch of the resultant audio stream.

      With the earlier PE there used to be an nice help file which, I think was different from the current on-line one. Has the former been done away with?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          This comes up often, Jim.

          There is no magic fix for wind interference. Even professional Hollywood productions often have to "loop" or re-record the dialogue for scenes shot on a windy day.

          As far as your computer is concerned, sound is sound. It can't tell the difference between sound you want and sound you don't. And wind is one of the biggest challenges to overcome. Especially if you're talking about the noise of wind blowing across your microphone.

          Sometimes audio of a certain frequency (such as a hum in the background) can be eliminated with filters, but I don't think that's going to do it here. Sorry.
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            Was there anywhere that I can learn about using the sound fx (other than trial & error) and has the old help file (I think it may have been a context one) been discontinued in PE7?


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              Adobe how has help files online, and you should connect automatically to them when you click the Help button. It should look like this:

              Or you could buy my Premiere Elements 7 book and have everything you could want to know about the program right in front of you any time! ;)

              And, yes, I do spend a section describing the sound effects and how to use them.

              You can find the book on Amazon or buy it through the Muvipix products page: