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    PE3 installs on Vista 64; nothing runs beyond splash screen

      I'm trying to install Premiere Elements 3.0 on my new Vista 64-bit machine. Nothing happens once the splash screen disappears. Here are the details:

      - The PC has 4G RAM, full system updates applied, etc.
      - I installed, in order:
      - Quicktime
      - PE3
      - PE 3.0.2 update

      I checked Event Viewer. Everythng had installed correctly, except Adobe Help Center (error 1063), so I ran the Help Center installer by itself (from F:\Premiere Elements\help center); this time, it installed correctly.

      Unfortunately, running PE3 gets me nowhere. I get the splash screen (which indicates "v3.0.2" and "Windows XP; multi processor detected", a good sign). The last item displayed on the splash screen is "Loading Wave_Warp.AEX", then the splash screen disappears and... nothing.

      Event Viewer shows no error message whatsoever. I also tried deactivating XP compatibility in the PE application's Properties -> Compatibility tab; same result.

      What else can I do to make PE3 run on this machine? Many thanks for your help.