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    PE4 output DVD sometimes blury

      I have imported AVI from a USB capture device (720x576) but when I burn to DVD and play back the quality is blury in parts .
      But when I playback on PC its ok.
      Note I have output using PE4 using Dolby DVD default profile bitrate for 1H:45min is about 5.4 Mbps
      any reason for this, do I need to change bitrate or "Field options"?

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          mtrax Level 1
          actually just looked at the source video and its looks like there is some sort of ghosting.. I wonder if thats an artifact of VHS conversion.
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            That would make sense.

            Capturing over a USB-connected device will really never give you true Dv-AVI.

            And if your AVI is using another codec besides DV (Cinepak, for instance), you'll have problems when you run in through Premiere Elements.

            The best advice is to only use video captured with one of those devices with the software that comes with it.

            And, to capture for editing in Premiere Elements, use a FireWire connected DV bridge, like the ADS Pyro AV Link.