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    Premiere elements 7 crashing at splash screen

      ok , i reinstalled it a few times and its still crashing , basically it loads up , and starts to load all the .dll files , when it reaches rapture32le.dll it suddenly crashes .

      i can post a screen shot if needed , any help appreciated .

      FYI my system has everything needed to run Premiere very well .
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Have you installed the latest version of Quicktime?

          If so and you're still having problems, I recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support. There's something wrong at your end we may not be able to troubleshoot here on the forum.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            One note from the Adobe CS4 forum (mainly from the Mac-side of things):

            It seems that QT 7.5.5 worked well, after the debacle of the 7.4.x versions. However, a lot of folk are having issues with QT 7.6 (the latest version, IIRC). I've only read of a few PC-users having issues with this new one, but some have. Talk is that Apple is going to release a newer one (probably 7.6.x) to try and fix some of the things that 7.6 "broke." Do not know if these issues with the newer QT are limited to things Adobe, because I do not read the AVID, FCP, Pinnacle and Vegas boards. If they also have issues, I would not know of them.

            I have not read of any issues with QT 7.6 and PE, so maybe it is relegated to CS4 issues only.

            Personally, I try to keep several older versions of QT on my machines, especially after the QT 7.4.x problems. If the "latest" doesn't do the trick, maybe a roll-back to 7.5.5 will work better for them. The same for my nVidia drivers. Roll-backs seem to be the "thing" right now.

            Just a comment,

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              New Improved Chuck Engels Level 1
              Crashing on the Splash Screen can also mean out of date audio and/or video drivers. Check for updates.
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                I think we also need to be clear in our description.

                "Crashing" on the splash screen is not the same as getting a logo screen that vanishes without loading the program and they have very different reasons for happening.

                Failure to launch is very different than launching but shutting down with an error code.
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                  Level 1
                  as a reply , its crashing after it launches , so it starts initiating all the sequences before crashing
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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                    So it's not just stopping. It's crashing. Locking up your system. Posting an error code. That sort of thing.

                    Again, that's very different than simply not finishing launching.
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                      I run the application and get the splash screen and then as it is loading I get the error message: The instruction at 0x0a1410e3 referenced memory at 0x00000018. The memory could not be read. In the past I would reload the software and it would run. Recently I updated my quicktime, so I will try to roll back it and see if it runs. Then I will try to just reload the application and see if it works. I had to do this about 5 times in the past.
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                        I ran into this problem with Premiere Pro CS4 loading the splash screen then when it got to rapture32LE.dll pausing and then vanishing to be replaced with adobe crash reporter.  The only thing I had changed was recently installed Sonar 8.5.2 which comes with a VST plugin called the Rapture Wavetable synth.  Coincidently sonar gave me the error that it had trouble loading that plugin and it recommended I disabled it.


                        I watched very carefully the splash screen next time I started premiere and saw that it was loading a number of plugins that had come with sonar.  It's my impression that premiere on bootup looks for suitable shared plugins and loads them.  Since both Sonar and Premiere were having problems with this plugin sonar installed, I simply navigated to %ProgramFiles%\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\Rapture LE\ and removed the Rapture32LE.dll and restarted premiere, and premiere loaded fine.


                        hope this helps.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          While this is the PrElements forum, I will comment on the loading of VST's by PrPro CS4.


                          First, this ARTICLE will give a little background on VST's and NLE program loading.


                          One thing that has been added in CS4 and I would assume still remains in CS5 is the ability to write a "blacklist" of VST's. These are the "type 3" VST's in the above article. When PrPro hangs on loading one, it adds it to the list, and on each subsequent attempted loading, will ignore those on the list. This goes on, usually with no notice to the user. Hang, after hang, but if one were to video the Splash Screen, they would see that it is a different VST that causes each subsequent hang, as the "known problem" VST's are bypassed. This continues until all possible VST's have been loaded, or blacklisted. Then, PrPro will launch. Unfortunately, this is not well documented, and there are no dialog screens, notifying the user to just keep launching.


                          Now, as your audio program is having issues with that one, and you ARE getting an error message, it could well be that it is corrupt and that it crashes PrPro, before it can write it to the blacklist.


                          In the case of the "type 2" VST's, PrPro does offer a one-time message, saying that it will load the VST, but that PrPro cannot use it. You will never see that message again, unless you were to uninstall, then reinstall the program.


                          Thanks for listing that VST. I wonder if, when repaired/replaced, PrPro could handle it as either a type 1, 2 or 3 VST?


                          At least I have a new VST to look out for - rapture.


                          Thanks for posting,