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    Rendering Options - Advice

    Ed.Macke Level 3
      (Sorry if this is a double post... I posted last night but the forum seems to have eaten it...)

      I'm wondering what my Rendering Options should be for DV-AVI export. Here's what I currently use:
      *Bit Depth - "Use Project Setting", why not use "Maximum"?
      *Fields - Lower Field First
      *Deinterlace - is NOT checked
      *Optimize Stills - is checked

      *Source video is DV-AVI, captured via FireWire. Some source is analog 8mm captured via digital 8mm Handycam; remainder is digital 8mm.
      *I edit pieces, then export them as DV-AVI (this is the part I'm interested in)
      *My final step is to put all previously exported DV-AVI on a timeline, and burn to folder for later DVD creation.

      I'm looking for optimal settings, since I want to save them to a preset.

      Also, does it make any difference whether the DVD will be shown on an LCD TV (progressive scan, correct)? What about whether the DVD is played via a normal DVD player or one that upsamples to 720 or 1080i?

      Does any of this matter, since the DV-AVI is eventually brought back into Premiere?


      P.S. Sorry if this is answered somewhere. Seems like a common question, but I searched the forum w/o much luck.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Since you're working with DV-AVI from a miniDV camcorder, you might as well export it "same as project", since that's native, same as the original. Particularly since you're bringing it back into Premiere Elements.

          As for the rest of your project, let the DVD burner software and your DVD player handle that. If you start messing with settings, you'll like undo what these things fix automatically for you.
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            Ed.Macke Level 3
            Steve, the only "same as project" setting that I see is for controlling Bit Depth. It doesn't look like it controls the other fields.

            The options for Bit Depth are: a) Project Setting, b) 8-bit, or c) Maximum. I have it set to Project Setting.

            The fields I'm confused about are "Fields" and "Deinterlace".

            The options for "Fields" are a) No Fields (Progressive Scan), b) Lower Field First, c) Upper Field First. I have it set to Lower Field First, although I have no idea why, nor what's best or what selecting other options would do.

            Ditto for "Deinterlace Video Footage". It can either be checked or not. I have it unchecked. Again, no idea why, nor what the optimal setting would be.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              I'm saying don't change any settings, Ed. Just go File/Export/Movie and let it export your AVI at the default settings.
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                Ed.Macke Level 3
                Oh, OK, understood.

                Thanks, Steve!