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    Correcting exposure

      I am having fairly good results in transfering old 8mm film to DVD.

      A couple of the old films are overexposed. Is there a way in PE2 to compensate for this?

      Thanks, Bill
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          That can be pretty tough, if you mean areas that are actually whited out.

          You can adjust some brightness and contrast using the Image Control properties.

          But if the pixels are blown out completely white or red, there's not much you can do to rescue them.
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            Level 1
            not totally whited out, just light--will try your suggestions.
            Thanks, Bill
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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If your highlights are completely blown, the two Effects that I usually reach for are Levels and Highlight & Shadow. I do NOT use their Automatic settings, instead I manually adjust them. Most times, I'll have to Razor my Clip and apply a separate setting for each, or both Effects, to that segment of the main Clip. Note that in Premiere (Elements or Pro) the exact order of an applied Effect can have different results. Experiment with the order of the Effect, if you use both, or others. This CAN make all the difference in the world.

              When you do this work, expand your Monitor up to quite large. Only other Panel that you'll really need is the Effects Control Panel. I'd also set my Monitor to 100% to do the work, resetting back to Fit, when done.

              Last, your Render times will very likely go up. Be patient, and good luck.